WIN Yacko’s Mendua !


To win this album, be the FIRST person that answers the following questions correctly !

1. Name one song in Yacko’s Mendua album .

2. Who’s Jon Arbuckle?

3. State one reason why you should own a copy of this album.

^^ Good luck !


8 thoughts on “WIN Yacko’s Mendua !

  1. tazlambert says:

    1. bronies
    2. garfield’s owner, r u a big fan of garfield???
    3. I want to know what kind of music is dat…hehehe

  2. Sigit says:

    1. – Brownies
    – Maju
    – Jangan Berisik

    2. Jon Arbuckle is a fictional character in Garfield comic. He is the owner of Garfield and Odie.

    3. Coz I know nothing about Yacko yet (poor me ^^). Lot of people say she’s great. I have to know her then….

  3. nebulousarion says:

    OMG ! That’s quick !! Lambert won !! Anyways, I still have one more CD, this time it’s Barry Likumahuwa’s CD (it was bundled with Yacko’s ) very very nice Jazzy tunes ! Still the same question ! Quick ! Quick ! Need one more winner !

  4. nebulousarion says:

    Ok Sigit can get Barry’s CD ! (ps : dont worry , you can borrow my CD to get to know Yacko ^^)
    —– contest closed ——-

  5. Yacko says:

    ehem ehem.. are u guyz talking about me?
    lambert.. i hope u enjoy my music… 🙂

    wanna kno more about me?? check out

    special for arion..
    thx for helpin me creating brand awareness.. hahahaha

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