Ditching Macbook?

Look what I just found : Five reasons to ditch the Mac and return to PCs – Five reasons why the CTO of nCircle bucked the trend and gave up on his Intel dual-core-based MacBook Pro.

This article is definitely a slap to Macheads everywhere, nonetheless, let me summarise the 5 reasons:

1. Productivity trumps religion

…depending on how a company uses Macs, trying to integrate the computers into a company’s workflow can kill productivity, Keanini says. The applications never quite match up, data has to be massaged to be useful, and the company has to design workarounds for each issue, he says.

2.  Workarounds waste time

As soon as a company allows a different operating system onto workers’ desks, employees have to start dealing with all the little problems that crop up. Calendar programs no longer sync with the rest of the company and documents created in one office software suite have to be converted to another, usually Microsoft Office.

3. It’ s hard to abandon favorite tool

You may become quite attached to a Windows application or two, and decide Apple doesn’t have a comparable equivalent. Apple is well known for creating user-friendly applications, but for Keanini, Microsoft has a lead with at least one program: OneNote, which he uses for personal information management.

4. The Hotel California factor

Companies that move over to the Mac OS X should expect to spend a lot of time converting data if they decide to move back to Windows, Keanini says.

5. You may feel the heat, literally

Aluminum cases make MacBook Pro laptops, like the one Keanini chose, very sleek. But, Keanini says, the focus on design overlooked the fact that the computers throw off a lot of heat — so much so that he found that he could not use the computer on his lap.

This CTO made a switch to Lenovo Thinkpad .

Hmm …


7 thoughts on “Ditching Macbook?

  1. tazlambert says:

    In my opinion Mac is cool to do design stuff and fun, but I don’t think it suitable for coding or something that need integration with other OS, I found that in my office too, my boss use one and he has difficult time using it.

    Btw Lenovo keren2 juga loh you can try X series that give powerful computing power, you can try X300 small but powerful but it will cost you around 2500 USD :D, for mid range you can try X61 or X60 I forget, it will cost you around 1400 USD…

    Aduh udah kaya sales aja….But ThinkPad is Powerful and has high durability…I like it, it just that I don’t have enough money to buy it 😛

  2. Jeff says:

    But he missed the one crucial advantage of the Macbook. The ladies! They love a guy with a Macbook, right Sandy? ^_~

    *activates nerd mode*
    Anyways is he serious? The article doesn’t point out any real flaws about the Mac but rather illustrates a weakness within his company’s internal design. The only real flaw he has pointed out was an issue with the hardware (overheating) where as the rest of his article focuses on the operating system.

    The article could have been easily rewritten into “Ditching my PC for a Macbook” simply by replacing Mac with PC and PC with Mac had it been for a Mac based company.

    And whats this strange type of format he need to convert? Most formats are standardized across all OSes!

  3. T says:

    Mac is cool 🙂 but quite pricey :-(.

    My first laptop was a Mac with 80MB with monochrome screen. I’m dreaming of Mac (sigh) but still reluctant to ditch Window-based laptop. It’s quite difficult to find the Mac equivalent of stats/ math stuff.

    I’ll vote for the ThinkPad. It’s claimed that ThinkPad is durable — tahan banting (well, i dare not to test the claim despite all of my babbles about hypothesis testing & confidence interval with my ThinkPad, hehe).

    I got a discontinued model so the price is quite reasonable.
    It’s a no-frill & look-like-a-brick laptop (it’s heavy) but it does the job well especially for a paranoid person 🙂

    Shall we change the title to “ditch your Mac for ThinkPad”?

  4. nebulousarion says:

    @Jeff : ^.^ of course ! I think it’s just so happen that the company he’s working in is very highly windows-based. I’m still happy with my macbook.

    @T : your thinkpad sure does look durable, it’s so heavy -_-“.

    @Belutz : yes, but you’re mac-ified now , aren’t u ?! ^^

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