President University : the past and the future

I gave two options for my multimedia students’ projects, they can either choose the “retro” theme or “futuristic” theme. In the project, they have to create Animated film, 2D game and 3D game. The results were quite extraordinary. If the previous batch of students focused on the ‘present day’, the current students had the chance to be a little wild with their imagination.

Have a look at some screenshots of my students’ work ! ^^ proud teacher mode : on.

Contact me for full screening 😀

Cikarang, I’m in Love

A tragical love story between a PU student and a purple alien.

The interesting part is that the story continued in their 2D and 3D game.

I’m a Legend

What will happen if Elvis attended President University?

This funny animation also comes with a game on how Elvis trained his protege to sing just like him. The game was rather addictive.

Saving the Earth

The earth is in the verge of extinction, what should PU students do to save it?

Journey to the Future

A student called Alex was thrown to the future. Will he return ?

Viewers’ favourite was the animated film made by a pair of students that called themselves MoRon. But I havent made a screenshot of it, since I think it has gained so many rave reviews, it’s time for the others’ work to shine ^^. Anyway, I need to go home now .

See ya readers later !


15 thoughts on “President University : the past and the future

  1. Pong says:

    The first animation – the superman wannabe with the topi kebalik ….. is he sticking his middle finger out?? All this is done using …? Flash? Job well done though;i “nebeng” my way to pass my Multimedia class and even got B for it. Theory rules y’all ^_^

  2. nebulousarion says:

    Flash for the 2Ds , heuehehe … i’m not sure whether it’s middle finger or index finger too.

    @renz : makanya enrol di sini ! ^^

  3. ejaeja says:

    of course its indeX finger, not middle!! plis donG,

    ya’apa se ini.. ms.ny jg sampe g ykn, itu tlunjuk ms, tp fingernailny g ngerti ilang kmana, hehe, apa se. . . ^^

  4. nebulousarion says:

    soon berry, very soon ^^.
    @ivan : just come over and copy it heueheehe ^^ pirating students’ work is permitted

  5. nebulousarion says:

    ariki still wins for being the only group ever that dished out Ariki keychains during presentation ^___^

  6. T says:

    Cool stuff 🙂 Salute to the students and the lecturer! May this be a tradition for Computing students. Can’t wait for the next editions!

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