Finally, the long awaited harpitnas* is here ! I can’t wait to get out of my beautiful-yet-scorching-hot town! It’ll be such a perfect long weekend ! ^^ and i’m taking my piles of final exam paper along too ! Long weekend + funky holiday destination + a cute boyfriend + work = perfect .

(*) harpitnas stands for hari kecepit nasional , literally translated : national stucked day – it is not an official public holiday but it can be assumed as one, it refers to a day stuck in between two off-days. Thursday is labour day – hence we can take the day off, then there is friday (harpitnas), and woohooo… saturday , sunday !


7 thoughts on “Harpitnas!

  1. Richard says:

    There will be another harpitnas soon.. Check your calender..

    I really support that Indonesia adopt not only 5 religions, but 10 religions. Imagine the HOLY days…

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