Old Pictures

An old friend surprised me by sending a collection of my pictures that were stashed in his hard disk. I’ve lost some of the pictures, so i’m delighted to see them again. I thought I should post some of the pics here 😀

Picnic ! This pic was taken somewhere in 2003.

Housemates(Huan, Sandy, Tram, Peter) and our landlady (Kate)

Riverside , Townsville – Queensland. It was always a breeze to ride our bikes here and watch the day faded.

Me and my college buddy, Shaiu Ring – in a restaurant , Kuala Lumpur. This pic was either taken in 2003 or 2004.

Me in a shop called Wizards in The Summit USJ, Subang Jaya. The shop’s specialty was Magic Cards the Gathering !

Another college friend , Jennifer ^_^ I was chubby .. wait .. I still am. I think this picture was taken in either Midvalley or Sunway Pyramid – can’t remember .


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