Hide, Seek, Run, Sleep!

The perfect name for the month is ‘Theses Month”. I have been made ten times busier with piles of drafts to check, students chasing me to get their drafts and programs checked, theses defences, and of course, on top of all that, I still have classes to teach. I realised that I need to hide in order to get some work done! Luckily, I know just where to hide ^^! Anyway, this week is definitely a tiring and stressful one, TGIF*!


I recalled a day in the week, Wednesday to be exact, a crazy day when theses defences stretched until 7 pm. Well, there was another event that day, a teaching demonstration.


Teaching demonstration is a ritual that is held prior to hiring a new teacher(read: teacher-wannabe ^^). Usually, the candidate(aka teacher-wannabe) is told to prepare a topic and present it in front of the dean and fellow academia. I attended the demonstration with my colleagues, Mr Dean and Mr N.


Soon after, the teacher-wannabe began his presentation. He chose a topic from the Data Structures & Algo discipline: the DFS, BFS, and the other BFS (depth-first search, breadth-first search, best-first search). Jusssttt the right topic to listen to when you are mentally exhausted and physically tired…not! During the process, I successfully dozed off, ZzzzzZzzzz.


I woke up when Mr Dean announced that it was question and answer time. Mr Dean threw several technical questions, Mr N did the same, and then… Mr Dean asked him another question.


Mr Dean            : ‘How do you handle students that sleep in the class?’


Me                    : (yawn)


Mr Teacher-wannabe:     ‘Well, I think there is always some lazy students in the class that chose to sleep during lecture.’


Me                    :  $^%%$#$@### ???


Mr Teacher-wannabe:     ‘For these lazy students, I will throw lots of questions to them and make them do more exercises’


Me                    : ‘I think the term lazy is not very appropriate’


Mr Teacher-wannabe : (laughs) ‘I’m sorry if that was offensive’


Me                    : ‘it’s ok’ (smiles and ^&*^%$$^&*%% !!!)


I personally think napping is completely natural, especially if you are seriously tired! Ketiduran adalah hak asasi manusia ! Stop discrimination against sleepy people.

Of course, I sincerely hope Mr Teacher-wannabe can be a part of our team. Hopefully by having more people to share the work with, the probability of me dozing off during teaching-demo can be reduced.




(*) TGIF : Thank God it’s Friday !


12 thoughts on “Hide, Seek, Run, Sleep!

  1. Richard says:

    Murid mencontoh perbuatan guru lebih banyak daripada apa yang dicelotehkan.
    Sehingga… tidak heran kalo…

  2. Chriz says:

    ow,,, ini toh, blog na ms.,,

    “Ketiduran adalah hak asasi manusia ! Stop discrimination against sleepy people”

    wkwkwkwkwk LOL bgt ms.,,,!!!! setuju!!

  3. nebulousarion says:

    jadi begini, sebenernya itu adalah interviewing tactic belaka ^___^ kan biar si calon-dosen panik dikit hehehe (biar dia mikirnya, “wah ..dosen aja bisa ketiduran , gimana studentsnyaaaa ???” ) gitu lho

  4. Pong2 says:

    Wah that dosen havent met me. Im a student yg killer. Masuk kelas cm tidur, jarang masuk iya. I should’ve been there, i wouldve asked that guy kalo orang yg tidur ditanya bilang gak tau terus tidur lagi gimana?? Trus kalo dosen marah, student-nya ledekin dia anak kecil gimana?? What if the student is a snob, sleeps in class all the time but get good marks. It usually takes one bad egg to spoil the others “,)

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