What really happened in Puncak!

  1. We went hiking and watch breathtaking scenery
  2. Had plenty of fun playing crazy games.
  3. Had extremely icy cold shower.
  4. Battled with the cold climate during sleep time.
  5. and for the boys – they had to battle with their pals’ snoring choir.
  6. Had fun interviewing kittens.
  7. etc. etc. etc

The beautiful sceneries:

Post-hiking look

The famous duo : Momo & Ronald (aka ijep), they are smarter than they look.

Momo glued on a tree

And on the dance floor ..

And Deddy said, “Yes ! I can wake up in the morning”

Thank you for the pics, guys ! ^^


9 thoughts on “What really happened in Puncak!

  1. nebulousarion says:

    dalam rangka merayakan waisak. Yang ikutan came from various religious background so I consider it waisak celebration + hiking + partying trip ^^

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