A Week in the Express Lane

[This entry was written on Saturday, 14th of June 2008]

The title said it all. More theses defences, more theses to read. Add that with bunch of deadlines, meetings, and classes. I was literally on 12-hours shift for several days. Thankfully, there were other people who shared the same boat, so it wasn’t ‘that’ bad. After wrapping up my evening class and preparing for home at 9 pm last Thursday, I was surprised that the full load of Marketing team was still busy, including the boyfriend.

They found errors in the letters that were due to be sent the next morning. So they had to fix each and every error in some 247 letters and get them printed that night. I thought since I still have plenty to do anyway, I’ll just delay rest and kept working along with them.
Fast forward to 11.30 pm, the boyfriend mentioned that he hadn’t had anything to eat since lunch! Sympathising, my “girlfrienal instinct ” (this instinct is not as scary as maternal instinct) told me to go back to my dormitory and get him something to eat!
On my way home though, I realised that there weren’t any food, except for some lame instant noodles. Devastated, I walked quickly and as I passed by restoplaza area – all eateries were already closed- I saw something in the darkness!
There was something unusual in one of the eatery there! I saw colourful flashing lights coming out of it. It was their TV, and two of their employees were merrily sleeping in front of the TV. The eatery seemed closed, but I pushed the door anyway. And gasp! It was not locked !!

I stepped in and headed right to the fridge and helped myself to Teh Botol Sosro (Bottled tea) and continued to pick up more packs of teas. The sleeping employees, still trying to regain their consciousness, looked quite puzzled.
I asked them, ‘Do you have any food left ?’

One of them replied, ‘Uhmm actually the cook had gone home and we’re closed.’ I told them that I just need some teas and it’d be great if they can cook something.

They looked at each other and told me that they could try to make some fried rice for me. I said, ‘Ok, make some fried rice then !’, I waited there, gulping my teh botol and enjoying their TV.

7 minutes later, they appeared with fried rice and I paid for the food and drinks. I returned to the office feeling really happy. Anyway, just in case you’re curious on which eatery it was. It was Nai nai , the place that sells Chinese Pontianak food.
I wondered what the employees thought had happened, did they think I was a robber? A lost and thirsty traveller? A crazy woman? But I really appreciate their hospitality, and I think I should frequent the eatery more. Now, that’s customer service!
It was 00.30 am when the offices eventually ended the day. The next morning, I had to be up by 8 am again. Anyway, I’m so thankful for weekend, and I’m thankful that the boyfriend didn’t mind accompanying me to watch Care Bears. I needed them, badly.


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