Two …Three…

The debate of whether the university should have two-semesters over three-semesters in a year, had once again steal the limelight in today’s meeting. I personally do not mind with our current arrangement (3-semesters in a year) although this means lecturers will have only 1 week of rest before the new semester started, but hey, we can always rest during Christmas break or Idul Fitri break (or do we ? had we? would we?).

Anyway, even that two major holidays are being chopped off now for the sake of squeezing lectures. Well, the academics are questioning about the effectiveness of this method. Some stated that there is a significant decline in students’ interest in extracurricular activities ever since the 3-semesters system took place. Some noted the increase in students’ depression level. Some said the lecturers seemed to be more depressed too. Some worried about the fact that although the government never said anything about universities practising 3-semesters in a year, they never did say that it is permitted.

Hmm, whaddya think?


7 thoughts on “Two …Three…

  1. reza_ejaeja says:

    deepresed? maybe, besides im not sure what i’ll get with studyng just 3 over 12 chapter in one subject becz of ths policy (ths was really happen last year) ,n if we study normally (9+ over 12) in just 3 month (actually less thn 3 mnth) it’ll extremely hard..
    but if ‘that univ’ back to 2 smst per yr, think ab d ‘consistency’ pls..

    well.. thats not all, whats ur choice anyway? n why?

  2. tazlambert says:

    I really don’t like this stuff…makes me gone insane to keep up with the pace…It’s impossible to study so much stuffs in 3 months, noting will last from this kind study, what we will get is that we only aiming to get the good mark with knowing what is the essence behind that subject, no I’m in internship, and suddenly we have to follow the 3 semester rule, and now most of the the student in internship having a big confusion to decide our future, since some of them are being offered to become a permanent worker in their office, the confusion starts when they ask “when will you finish your study?” what can I say, “mmmm perhaps next year, but I don’t know when…”

    Basically I prefer to the 2 semester rule, I think 3 semester rule “cuman buat kejar setoran” 😛 I feel bad for our junior…and I hate with the inconsistency

  3. penembusbatas says:

    hmm…me too!!
    I hate the fact that the material we get is being chopped of because of the studying period is shortened. Moreover, this implies our plans about the thesis and other things for our future, just exactly as beri said…

  4. Richard says:

    University should have the same material and still having 3 semester a year..
    For those who want to study in normal 2 semester, we also should have a 2 semester university..

    It is all about choice, aint it?

  5. Chriz says:

    just want to share…
    at the first time, i thought 3mester is gonna be fine, coz it means that i will graduate lil’bit faster than my friends out there,though we only have 2 weeks holiday before new semester stared,,,

    but then, now,when holiday season comes, i started feel bored to study… all my friends are in a long long long holiday(just now,at this time),, they will spend their holiday together for about 2months,,, and I…. , can only stay @dorm,do many ass.,study,and be ready for the the final test in 6 weeks later,,
    i want to have long holiday,and it makes me cannot concentrate well in my study now,,, xD
    i guarantee that i will get really bad marks for 3 subject in this midterm,, T.T hahahaha,,,,
    well, its all my fault,, hahahaha,,,
    so now, all i can say to my self is
    “that’s fine, it’s gonna be alright,just study and you will graduate faster dude…!!”
    in the end, it’s only a matter of commitment from the student and lecture it self xD

    ohw,lecture also get bored yah,,, hahaahaha i thought its only student’s problem before…

    how bout u miss..??

  6. nebulousarion says:

    Hmm i prefer 2 semesters with 1 short semester. That’ll keep the mind and body balanced . But yepp switching the system back to 2 semesters now would create a serious chaos.

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