Finally, I get to see Kungfu Panda !! I forcefully forced my boyfriend to watch this again with me ( he already watched kungfu panda with his friends -_- ). Last Sunday was the last day of Kungfu Panda in Citra 21 cinema, but the cinema was so packed, only slightly less queue from the opening day. But this funny comedy about stumbling Panda named Po isn’t overrated at all, it’s a seriously funny and proven to be an entertaining watch for the whole family. From 1 to 10, Kungfu Panda is 11 !!!

After the movie, I rushed to the concourse area where they sell Kungfu Panda merchandise. Since everything was so expensive (-_- these people do know how to take advantage on easily fooled customers), I decided to buy a Kungfu Panda mobile phone casing. And voila ! Look at my sassy, Po-ified, nokia phone now ! Woohoo !

I acquired little life’s lessons from Po too : the importance in believing in yourself. Po conquered his inner loser and won ! If Po can do it, so can we ^^ ! Long live pandas !


17 thoughts on “Po-losophy

  1. penembusbatas says:

    Yeah it surely is a great movie, but I laugh more when watching Hancock. Waw. this is a you-must-see-12-out-of-10-movie!!!
    Awesome! The stunt action is great, the humor is great, the story is great, Sigit is tampan…thanks.

  2. nebulousarion says:

    @renz : semanis saya tentunya ^^
    @ penembusbatas : masa sih ?? katanya temen saya (renzmania), hancock biasa aja. Maybe i’ll get the pirated DVD of that ^^.

  3. tazlambert says:

    Hmmmm iya tuh hancock biasa aja, g udah liat n so so lahhh ~.~, anyway after my boss watch that movie they start to call me Po +__+

  4. Pong2 says:

    I hope nobody around me watch that movie, ive got enough names already. where shall i start …. hmmm … pong2, jigong, king kong, big show, Shrek – belum di names i get from my family circle -_-‘

  5. tazlambert says:

    Waks, i think once i called as shrek, i dont remember…, since it’s quite often for me to get those “nickname”, so i just ignore it, best way to get rid of it ^^, Anyway my nick name in PU is bad +___+, it’s all because my supervisor in PU in my student orientation, back when i’m a freshmen, it last until now +__+

    @ivan: No way hulk isn’t cute, I’m way too cute ^^ *I think i should follow sigit’s sayembara, too bad it’s closed ^^

    @sigit: I think the winner of ur sayembara is ur self no one can defeat your narsis 😀

  6. nebulousarion says:

    @djokerz : Hehehe must be my wisdom ^^. I like Master Oogway, he’s so wise.
    @Pong2 and Taz : ok, enough hugging. ^^

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