Making tough decisions

Making tough decisions is a part of growing up. It has never been something that we like to do, but we just got to do it. In many situations, there will be risks entailed, tradeoffs, benefits, the lure to escape from a rut or other incentives. To make things tougher, we don’t always know what we really want in life. In the end of our contemplation, we still need to decide and live with the decision.

As what Master Kitty said:


10 thoughts on “Making tough decisions

  1. nebulousarion says:

    not to be… ^^ decided and happy about it.
    That’s how he looks like when he has his wise mode turned on. He’s definitely not tortured.

  2. reza_ejaeja says:

    waahh.. he has wise mode y? hehe.. then? what is the other mode??
    how about narsizz mode? (like u? ^^)
    ada kan? masa yg punya aja ada tp dy g punya!! ayoo.. jangan boong..


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