I watched SATC The Movie about month ago, even before Kungfu Panda. I’ve been wanting to write something about the movie, but work and life has been keeping me busy. Anyway, I’m giving this chick flick an 8 out of 10. My brownie points went to:

  1. The fashion ! In SATC, fashion seemed to be more important than the “S” here. In the movie though, I’m liking most of Miranda’s clothes . Not as sweet as Charlotte’s, not as bold as Samantha’s and not as quirky as Carrie’s. Just nice.
  2. The friendship ! What’s a girl without her girlfriends?
  3. Samantha. ^^ SATC without her is just an “ATC” with very little “S”.

The only part of the movie and the TV series that I never really like is the abundance of Manolo’s advertisements, and Vivienne Westwood’s, and LV, and Versace, and all the other super expensive labels. I think girls need to watch SATC with clear heads to not get sucked into the unrealistically lavish lifestyle depicted in the movie. Only fortunate few can afford such labels, and only a fictional character of Samantha can sleep around with hundreds of men (and women too) to her 50s yet still feels great about it. As what Yacko said, “Keep it real”. 

  I love that gold dress ^^.

I love what Miranda wears here too ^^.

 This green jacket is yummy ^^


5 thoughts on “SATC

  1. Pong2 says:

    Maybe it’s just me but ….. Funny how Eves like so much posh when all the Mr Right(s) prefer simple down-to-earth ones.

  2. nebulousarion says:

    @reza: emg tontonan cewe lah … ^^
    @pong2: hmmm … u got a point there, but not all mr right(s) are created equal.

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