Review : Fish Tales

On the contrary to what you might have thought , this book is not about fish language, it is not a fishes-care book, or how to make yummy grilled fish. The book began with the story of an upbeat, fun-filled fish market. People that work in this market always appear cheerful and playful, although when we thought about it carefully with typical-city-whitecollared-people’s eyes, these people have 101 reasons to be grumpy. I could name a few:

1. Their fishy job isn’t particularly ‘clean’, those who cook will know how difficult it is to remove that fishy smell after handling fishes. Imagine handling over 100 kg fishes everydaayyy !

2. Well paid? If you’re the owner, perhaps.. otherwise, you’ll earn just enough.

3. Career progression? You can own your very own fish shop, so not too bad actually 🙂

4. Grumpy customers! Imagine noisy, gossipy middle-aged lady that goes, “Yesterday I bought some fishies here and you didn’t remove the galls properly ! This time I will watch you do it, to make sure you get it right !!!! Otherwise, I’m sooo not gonna pay for it !!”

5. etc etc etc

So the point of the book is : how do these people maintain a lively attitude in their work? The answers provided in the book are some pretty basic ones, except for one answer that – I think – is a true gem ! That is : be silly ! be gila ! And your workplace will naturally be a playground. Now, I can’t do that all the time, especially on days like today – when i’m having a mouth ulcer (sariawan) once again ! GGGRRRRR !!! Oh and a mild diarrhea too , double GGGRRRR !!

My rating : 6 out of 10


2 thoughts on “Review : Fish Tales

  1. Pong2 says:

    hmmm…. ok here’s the negative section:
    1. Its another “being positive” book.
    2. Doesnt have the word ambition written anywhere.
    3. Works effectively if everyone else share the same view.

    I haven’t read the book thus the conclusion 😀 Cheers

  2. nebulousarion says:

    @pong2: #1 : yepp, #2: not really, #3: definitely , this is why it’s not always applicable , there are workplaces that don’t foster crazy things to happen , where you got to wear boring suits everyday , and be serious …. 😦

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