Final Exam Drama: Possessed

I thought I had seen all excuses made by students to escape final examination, these had always been : illness, urgent family related events, flood or other national catastrophe, overslept, etc. I never realised that “possessed” can be one. A student walked into the examination room, and then several minutes away, began to shiver uncontrollably, broke into cold sweats and screamed, cried, and rambled about unknown stuffs. Not knowing who to contact, a staff called her dad to come over. Her dad apparently knew how to perform exorcism, so he muttered some prayers, gave her some water, yelled at the spirits and she returned into her normal self. So now, I have to write an extra set of exam questions.

In Indonesia, possessed- albeit a supernatural phenomenon- is not a very rare thing to happen. I wonder if there is another reasoning behind it. Preferably a logical, scientific causes of it. Maybe our country’s geographical structure sort of allowed irregular psychological fluctuations? Or maybe because we’re still in the 7th month of lunar calendar* ? Or maybe because the exam was on malam jumat? I just met the student, she’s okay now, thankfully.

(*) An ancient Chinese belief: on the 7th month of lunar calendar the gate guarding the ‘other realm’ opens, allowing their citizens to be able to go to earth easily (or something like that). 15th day of the 7th month is celebrated as the hungry ghost festival.


8 thoughts on “Final Exam Drama: Possessed

  1. reza_ejaeja says:

    possessed tu ksurupan bukan?
    yah.. its not the first time i hear somethin like this, on 06/07, there r many case like this in our beloved President University academia (read:dorm), its like monthly event.. haha
    dunno in 2008

    btw,i dont hav gf, still in progress, terganggu liburan.. wkwkwkwk
    happy holiday with him yaaaa……
    (watch out, dont be possessed of him) hahaha..

  2. Pong2 says:

    Ehem … excuse me. negatively speaking –
    People who are possessed naturally can only be so due to 2 reasons:
    1. weak state of mind(stress or fears)
    2. lack of faith
    either way dude dont deserve to pass for crumbling under pressure. . rayvan once came to an exam still with chicken-pox all over his face. last time i heard, he didnt get re-sit and no refund either =.=
    shit happens, deal with it

  3. nebulousarion says:

    @eja: yes , kesurupan. Masa sih ??? sebulan sekali ?? oh nooo i live in the dorm !

    @pong2: hmm … if she really was kesurupan, kasian juga kan ?

  4. Pong2 says:

    Kalo she really was kesurupan yah …. either point 1 or point 2 lah, the answer is still the same. orang yg biasa-nya weak state of mind tends to spend more time worrying than doing something about it(like me towards @). lack of faith is due to orang yg ragu2 dan gak ada pendirian yg kokoh. sorry for being so tough, that explains why no girls are attracted to me 😀

  5. penembusbatas says:

    i was attending this high school,and once all the students, staff, etc were panicking because we had about one month full off those kind of stuff. Imagine it! 1 month full of possessed students everyday!

  6. Pong2 says:

    if a place experience possessions quite often, itu ada orang yg kerjain tuh. tapi if encounter a possessed person, especially kalo roh-nya bisa bicara kek di tivi2 gitu, tanyain “om setan, mau-nya apa?? kemenyan, kambing bakar?? ntar minta nomer lotere yah ….mari kita berbisnis” ~_~

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