Dooly the Teacher’s Assistant

Meet Dooly, he’s a baby dinosaur robot that doubles as teacher’s assistant. No, not planning to replace my human assistants any time soon – they’re too good to be replaced, but Dooly can be useful in case one of them decided to go on leave 😉

I just need to remember to charge this one for several hours before the class. Dooly is currently working in the u-class model in Korean Education Research and Information Service. More story about u-class, u-city and all things “u” soon.


7 thoughts on “Dooly the Teacher’s Assistant

  1. wildankurnia says:

    ahahah… mbok diabawa ke PU miss robotnyah..

    miss mau protes..
    kok batch 2007 ndak disuruh nge-blog aja yah dulu intro IT nya..
    hueheh,,, tau gitu khan sayah kenal blogging lebih awal.. 🙂

    mampir blog ku yah miss..
    hehehe.. :mregreen:

  2. nebulousarion says:

    @renz, wildan arfian, rich, pong2:
    It takes attendance and electrocute misbehaving students ^^
    @meidi :
    umm … i’ll try -_-“

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