The Expedition part I: Bombyx Mori

What had happened? Why did they send me away to South Korea for 2 weeks? Long story short, South Korean government – on a good will, had decided to help our country’s Ministry of Communication and Information to build a Korean-Indonesian ICT Training centre that will be located in Jababeka. Personnel involved in the project must undergo trainings in Korea. I was lucky enough to be handpicked to attend the management training. I won’t write a chronological story, instead I’ll choose the interesting bits of my visit ^^.
Well, part 1 : Bbundaegi !

I saw this snack for the first time in Namsan tower and I wanted to try it! Unfortunately there wasn’t enough time for me to stop and buy it >_<, so when I saw someone selling this in Gyeong Ju , I couldn’t resist to stop and get it. Bbundaegi is a boiled silkworm, I paid 1000 won for a cup ( that’s Rp. 10,000.00 , everything is expensive here -_-).
Detailed description: a bit crunchy with soft fillings, it has a salty and nutty flavour, the smell can get a bit overwhelming. My Korean friends said that this snack is loaded with protein, so it’s quite healthy too.  I rate this snack 3 out of 5 ^_^.


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