I read about this drug in a magazine yesterday. The author, after hearing the popularity of this drug among competitive students for being the “smart drug” , decided to give it a try. Her results were:

  1. She didn’t notice if she was any smarter.
  2. But definitely, she became very focused, constantly alert – with or without big lunch, and energetic (in a good way)
  3. The drug was so much better than caffeine, she could stay up for almost 24 hours, and there is no discomfort like what caffeine often produce.
  4. The effect lasted for almost two days.

So I thought, “Amazing ! This is it ! This is the solution for all of us , now we can work non-stop !”, but in the next paragraphs she reported that after the effect waned, she became really tired, and slept excessively, which indicates that we still need to sleep after all. I wonder if I can get my hand on some of these, I might need it. More information on the drug : .


7 thoughts on “Modafinil

  1. eka prasanya says:

    woww…where can i buy that? definitely need that drug for mid term..hehehehe…

    i hope for next network programming exam i do not need that drug miss..hohohoho..^^…btw, is there any side effect from that drug?

    miss, do you know the place where we can do retreat on December? BTD(Bumi Tridharma) is already full..and also the other place that i know..

  2. nebulousarion says:

    i’m sure there is side effect, but i have no idea, well we can live with a bit of side effect ;p I need this drug too.

    Hmm .. retreat eh ? i forgot to ask if you can use Amitayus.

    Nonetheless , you can go to:
    Pondok Sadhana Amitayus ( Plus side: quiet, water isn’t too cold, you can be as noisy as you like)
    Jl. Raya Puncak Km. 77, Desa Kopo, Kabupaten Bogor

    Or Avalokitesvara Grha, Gadog, Cipanas
    (Plus side: nice place, yummy food – down : can’t make too much noise as there are monks and nuns here and the place is often used for pabajja)
    For the phone numbers, you can ask in Ekayana Buddhist Centre: (021) 5687921-22

  3. Pong2 says:

    Nyabu also can keep u alert for 2 days, yah jeleknya the addictive side.
    @eka: mo retreat?? rumahku aja …. kosong nich >.<

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