Fairer skin in minutes

This will be a quick post since I’m extremely busy. Still in the mood for wonder drugs, I decided to post about what I had witnessed yesterday. My dear friend told me that our rendezvous be in a beauty salon in Tg Duren. I went there and I was allowed to enter the private room where she had her ‘treatment’ done. The beautician applied some sort of chemicals on her skin and she was told to wait for 20 minutes before rinsing it off. 20 minutes later, her skin turned so much lighter !! She didn’t have a dark skin to begin with, but there was definitely a very significant difference. This skin bleaching procedure (or “bleching” according to the beautician) is apparently pretty common in beauty salons in Jakarta , thanks to some women’s obsessions on getting the lighter skin tone – Michael Jackson would be so proud. When I asked them whether the chemicals contain mercury, they assured me that it was completely safe (let’s hope so – I think they were not sure about the ingredients in it anyway).

The price tag? Rp. 200,000 (about US$20) – this is nothing compared to any visit to the dermatologist that forced you to fork out millions of rupiahs ! With that affordable price, I can see more women flocking to the salons to get their skin bleached. Another friend tried it out but within 5 minutes she rinsed the chemicals away, she said it was really itchy. Things that women do for beauty !


7 thoughts on “Fairer skin in minutes

  1. Pong2 says:

    Paling bagus mandi susu aja …. pake susu onta + honey. Eh ada cara gak buat ilangin body scar like burn marks, lecet, skin stretch dll !? mau donk, tp jgn lebih dari 2 jt.
    *working my way to be a supermodel ^_^*

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