Grrr!! This news enraged me !

Once again, some people tried to put my favouritest dangdut songstress / entrepreneur in a bad limelight for some stupid reasons.


Ms Inul is being sued by Mr Dedy Dores and other musicians whose prime time are wayyy over, for putting their songs in her Karaoke joint without prior permission. I don’t know how true the news is, but seriously , I’m 230% certain that if they checked other karaoke joints in this country, they’ll find that most of them wouldn’t bother paying a single royalty cent to anyone ! Why aren’t they sued ? Mr Dedy Dores claimed that this unfortunate incident had costs a total loss of Rp. 5 billion ! Tsk tsk tsk … righhtt, go on, sue her whatever you like, truth will prevail ! Grrr , why can’t these people leave her alone ?? Must be the envy -_-.

Click here for the full news (in Indonesian).


4 thoughts on “Grrr!! This news enraged me !

  1. renzmania says:

    Si om Deddy pengin punya tempat karoke tapi ga punya modal..

    Inull.. Kuatlah.. Dulu kau berhasil melawan bang Oma.. Saya rasa, bang Deddy juga bisa kau lawan..

    Hidup Inulllll…… ^^

  2. Pong2 says:

    Hoammm …. ~_~ things ppl do to make money. i wish some celebrity can punch me in the face …. could easily make 200jt with just threatening to sue ~_~

  3. nebulousarion says:

    @pong: err … don’t do that, you want to be a model , don’t you? You can risk your face damaged by some drunk crazy celebrity (he/she might have a knife)- plus, they’re celebs so they can pay good lawyers 🙂

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