The Unfunny

I’m talking about Mike Myers’ latest attempt : Love Guru. It really annoys me that I expected to see a comedy, but I ended up not laughing at all. I’m not sure what sort of genre this movie falls to. In short : this is the movie that should be a satirical joke on Hollywood celebrities’ infatuation towards ‘spiritual search’.

Enter the life of his ‘holiness’ Guru Pitka, a renowned spiritual guru only second to Deepak Chopra. Guru Pitka is such a wise man that he makes acronyms like EIEIO( Ecumenical Intuitive Enlightenment Organization) , he didn’t forget to sing it in Old Mcdonald’s tune “Guru Pitka had a farm EIEIO, and on his farm he does no harm EIEIO”, he also threw more genius acronyms like BLOWME and DRAMA – I can’t remember what these stand for, and of course- his best method for distracting the enemy is: getting his elephant to hump a female elephant -_-, greattt !! I rate this movie : 4 out of 10.



4 thoughts on “The Unfunny

  1. Pong2 says:

    dia kek stephen chow n jack black yg slapstick2an. they arent really sophisticatedly funny tp the language used simple and straightforward. so kalo abis pulang ngantor bagus jg nontonnya, unlike thriller atau some romantic comedy yg perlu pake otak nonton-nya

  2. nebulousarion says:

    errr i can laugh in stephen chow’s movies. I agree, when it comes to comedy, I don’t really want to think, but I definitely would like to laugh. Want to borrow this ?

  3. Pong2 says:

    This movie is shallow and not funny at all, sama kek austin powers. Mike Myers you owe me 28 minutes of my time and 4 hours of my download time, which i couldve used to download something else

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