New Year’s thoughts and birthday wishes

This part was written on the rainy 1st of January 2009:
I used to believe that every year will be a great one, or at the very least, a better year than the previous one. Of course, that wasn’t always the case. With the flip of the year, I could only feel that this is going to be a tough one. I know this is one of those years that have a lot of roles in the course of my life. For the good or the bad, that, I could not tell.

This part was written today:

I should really count my blessings:
1) 2008 was a fantastic year, romance wise. I found someone great to share all the craziness in my life with.
2) I got to add one more country in my “Countries I have visited” list. Yayyy!
3) Work and duties are overflowing, but on the bright side, this means I still got a job.
4) etc etc etc
I hope I could use all the positive energies generated in 2008 to defeat 2009. So 2009, here I am!
Tomorrow I’m turning 27 and sadly, I’m still suffering from quarter-life syndromes! I thought it should have ended by now. But no, I’m still as confused as when I was 25. Have I made the right decisions? Are the decisions good for me? What if I make the wrong steps in my life? Those are the sorts of questions that often flooded my brain. Thankfully, I have so much works, otherwise I’ll keep on pondering on those questions. So my birthday wish is… I hope I can make the right decisions for myself , I hope I have enough strength to face all trials and tribulations. Happy birthday, me ! ^^


6 thoughts on “New Year’s thoughts and birthday wishes

  1. andrasiregar says:

    Happy Birthday Ms.Sandy.
    Tahun baru, umur baru, hidup baru, rejeki baru, rumah baru, mobil baru… aminnnn…. ^^

  2. renzmania says:

    Yeah beibehh.. Cepetan Kawin, mumpung masih muda.. heiuheiuh..

    Hepi betdey ya darlingg.. muachh muachh muachhh… ^^

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