Winners: FINAL EXAM Extraneous Answers

One of the joys of being a teacher: every semester, you get to pick the best, funniest, weirdest answers from your students’ final exam. In every final exam, you will always find something unique that has not been previously done before. This semester’s winners:

On the question: Explain what is meant by cradle-to-cradle strategy.
Student’s answer: “It is like crack but it just cradles your file.”

On the bottom page : “If you cannot read my handwriting, feel free to send sms to 081xxxxxxxx”

Anyway, I don’t endorse the use of unnecessary frills in exam paper 😉 but if you can make a really funny comic strip during that nerve-wrecking couple of hours, I might start to think about giving prizes.


3 thoughts on “Winners: FINAL EXAM Extraneous Answers

  1. Pong2 says:

    abis 2 minggu madol, i came back only to know that day has chemistry exam. some of the answers i gave –
    Q: why did water turn into ice??
    A: because the cold temperature is shared among the surface making it water. as the surface turn to ice, cold is again shared ……………….*wrote about 10 lines*
    Teacher’s comment: Water turn to ice at 0 degrees. What is this so long??
    Q: What happen when solution a get mixed with solution b or heated with bunsen burner:
    A: white powder …. orange liquid … melts …. i can’t remember the scientific name of the substance but i do remember the experiments during practical so i write down the state of the process instead

    I actually passed 51% but the teacher photocopied my answer sheet to the overhead projector just to have a good laugh. He even pointed out that pig i draw(nganggur so i draw pigs) and call it ugly. then at the last period i got 3 strokes of rotan to my ass …. 1st strike – geli2, 2nd strike – geli2. my friends were actually clapping because i lasted the 2nd stroke without jumping or showing pain. then the discipline teacher got real smart, he aimed the third one at the exact same spot of the 2nd one. i lompat then got boo-ed. hahahah

  2. mike says:

    I like this one :

    On the bottom page : “If you cannot read my handwriting, feel free to send sms to 081xxxxxxxx”

    I should had started doing it when I took the networking course with djonidjanto ahahhahah

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