Advice needed …

One thing about Chinese New Year is that it is obligatory for me to visit older relatives. Last year, I could skip this because I celebrated CNY at my parents’ in Malaysia. This year though, it is just not very feasible for me to fly there – they understand that, thankfully. Anyway, I’m actually quite a sociable bee, so I actually enjoy visiting and catching up with them, excepppttt …. for ‘one’. Let ‘one’ equals Y. Y is a very close relative and she hates me. She will not say she hates me, but she does. She could easily pull a mind game and manipulate stories and suddenly BOOM ! You left feeling worthless, evil (even when you initially have no such intention), all empty and sad. In short : Y is difficult. Strangely, I must be the only one in the whole extended family who thinks that way ! Everyone else seemed to worship her. I would like to mend the relationship, but not at the expense of my soul- I would like to have some dignity attached. Any advice on how to do that?


3 thoughts on “Advice needed …

  1. nebulousarion says:

    wokey, i got some advices from friend and student , thanks all . So what I need to do is just go there, and smileeee … no matter how difficult it can be.

  2. nebulousarion says:

    well an update: I went there, she welcomed me, and after a while I left ..aliveee !! Must be the spirit of chinese new year 😀 ! No Hitler needed ..

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