Random pictures

Training ground for future tukang becak ?
Take your children to Kyai Langgeng park in Magelang , Central Java, and indulge them in a session of becak ( pedicab) riding practice. They will learn all the basic stuffs on how to ride a becak and customer service – to ensure every ride is a comfortable and fun experience for the passengers.

Dinosaur slide !

Bakpia Pathok no. 25 !

No trip to Jogja is ever complete without boxes of bakpia pathok. Bakpia pathok (some sort of pie, but with sweet mashed green bean filling , in other chinese dialect it’s known as “pheang” ) is a famous local delicacy and finding the original , yummiest one is extremely tough ! There is no brand for the best bakpia and they’re only known by numbers. We all know how difficult it is to remember numbers -_-. Anyway, because the number 25 sounds good , plus the shop was really hectic with lots of customers, and I could smell the yummy warm fresh bakpia … I thought this must be the real one. In fact, the bakpias were super yummy !! But when we returned, everyone said, ” Hmm .. you should have bought number 75 , it’s better “. Oh well … number 25 is already superb, I can’t imagine how number 75 would taste like.

Tembang Puitik (Poetic Songs)
During the holiday, I was really lucky to be able to see Ananda Sukarlan performed. He’s one of the finest pianist in the country, and to my surprise, he was accompanied with a Soprano, Bernadeta Astari, and a Baritone, Joseph Kristanto. The three of them performed songs from their album Tembang Puitik, where they transformed poems from great Indonesian literature poets into beautiful tunes. My favourite : Tidurlah Intan, the poem was a work of art from the awesome WS Rendra , and Bernadeta Astari’s voice was very enchanting in that song. Did I mention I got the first row seat too ^^ ? And that the damage to my wallet was only Rp. 50,000.00 ? Teehee ^_^
More random pictures soon , stay tuned.


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