Butterfly Effects would like to congratulate the following newlyweds buddies:

Wahyu (dj0k3rz) & Maria

Yacko & Nicko

Because djokerz’ wedding happened on friday, I rushed to Jakarta from work – hence I forgot to bring my camera with me, ggrrr… Thankfully on Yacko’s wedding I remembered to bring it. Well , it’s ok, afterall, I wore the same dress to both weddings ^_^ ( Surprise, the world did not collapse because I wore the same dress to two rather close events)

Let me present you, the bride and groom !!

And it was the perfect time to make buddies photos !


Left to right (or should it right to left ?)
Karina , Mr B, Sella, Susan, Nanang, Sipri, Victor, Mr J, Edwin , Rich, Renzmania, Sandy

Mr J, Mr B, Sandy, Sipri, Ajo , Ismail, Ms Dindin

Karina, Sandy, Renzmania, Ms M

Claim: renzmania is a good drinker.
Ok the logic doesn’t work that way … but she is, believe me ^^.

What’s the craziest part of the wedding? No no, not the hiphop songs throughout the whole event replacing the good ol’ cheesy love songs you heard in other weddings. But these gigantic vases ! They’re enormous , you can even hide in them !

Randomness: Sandy inspecting the gongs.
I can assure you that these gongs are not for decorative purpose only. They actually work ! I’ve tried them before I ran home! ^^

So yea, once again, congratulations. Selamat menempuh hidup baru !


10 thoughts on “Newlyweds

  1. Pong2 says:

    I don’t remember who’s yacko?? is she the “relatively new” teacher who had rim glasses?? i see a lot of inti faces tp i don’t know who yacko is >.<

  2. martha says:

    Ha! I’ll just have to post a pic of you on my blog soon… as soon as… well… there’s a long list so it might have to wait.. 😀

    Anyway, I love your dress so wear it as much as possible. Even for a visit to our favorite college. 😀

  3. nebulousarion says:

    uh oh … please don’t post it -_-” , i know i will look really silly.
    ^^ the best thing about that dress was that it was too expensive and i didn’t mean to buy it (tried it on, ripped it, planned to just ran away but then i felt bad – so I admitted to the store that I ripped it -__-) .

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