Revolutionising Love

During my couple of days of immobility (the typhoid attack), I watched numerous movies. One of them was “Revolutionary Road”, a drama featuring the ever-famous ill-fated ship couple: Leonardo Dicaprio and Kate Winslet. My initial opinion on the movie: blah, thank goodness Titanic had sky rocketed their names. However, several hours later, it made me realise something.

Leaving Jack and Rose behind, Leonardo and Kate transformed into the Wheelers, a picture perfect couple in 1950s era. Both of them found themselves trapped in their accumulated dissatisfaction in their life and marriage. He hates his job but could see no other option but to do it anyway. She dreamt of becoming an actress but the road doesn’t seem to lead her anywhere nearer.

They fought often, he cheated on her, and their marriage was in the verge of dying. Until one day, she tried to recall their happier times, when they were both younger and were dreamier. She remembered he once said about how much he loves France! In desperation of finding a better life, she suggested France to him. They were excited and quickly immersed themselves in the plans for France. Children’s toys were packed, they told their neighbours and then, he told her that he didn’t want to go to France after all. He got promoted at work so he shouldn’t really be going to France and my guess is, he was just too afraid to make any drastic change anyway. She got disappointed and the story ended tragically.

Boring, huh? Why talk about these sorts of stuffs in a movie? That’s when I realised how most of us had overly glorified the wrong kinds of love story. The emotions are more intense when the love is either forbidden, unrequited, tangled with adrenaline-packed dangerous scenes, dreamy love at first sight, or fairy tales.
Let’s see, the worlds greatest love stories: Romeo and Juliet, and in Asia we have Butterfly Lovers, Disney has Snow White/Beauty and the Beast, then we also feed on Korean dramas with their story of dying lovers, and of course, that ill-fated ship movie- the Titanic.

We smiled and sobbed over the great romantic love scenes, but nobody ever questioned, what actually happened after the story declared: “they live happily ever after”. Or what will happen if both of them stayed alive? Will their relationship survive? I think this idea of all-intense, dramatic love interpreted as real love has penetrated deep in our mind. Thus from time to time we hear people saying, ” I think my soul mate isn’t my wife/husband/boyfriend/girlfriend, I think the right person was this person whom I met during whatever but due to unfortunate situation we could not be together. But I think she/he still loves me as much as I still love him/her bla bla bla”. These people must have a life so boring that they need to induce some drama just to make it sound rather interesting.

Love should not be great because it was so darn difficult to attain, it is great if it survives years of crying babies, children throwing their tantrums, financial crisis, job-related stresses, faltered dreams, you know, the boring stuffs! If after decades of those boring issues you still can look at each other and love each other, then that’s better than great! Even though the movie industry probably will never pay a dime for your love story.


5 thoughts on “Revolutionising Love

  1. Pong2 says:

    “If you can’t be with the one you love, love the one you are with.”
    Personally i think love is overrated, the universe strive to balance itself all the time. That’s why most people tend to have spouse that have characteristics differing from oneself; to make one’s life complete. Like-minded people tend to do better as friends than being a couple. Who wants a partner who agrees to everything? It’s boring!!

  2. penembusbatas says:

    I agree with you Ms.Arion…fascinating love analysis 😀
    There is this one J-Dorama series, Kurosagi. I really remember in one episode, the main act was saying that nobody ever really thinks how the Cinderella story continues after the prince found her. People tend to say that they live happily ever after, but the real fight has just begun from that moment…

  3. Genta says:

    He hates his job, but he prefered to b promoted at work than move to France. Hmmm… may b he hated it as well before, then he likes it when the promotion packet is available

    *Wishin’ promotion packet will come sooner, cos I love ma job hahaha…not like himmmm

  4. nebulousarion says:

    @ Pong2: I agree, love really is overrated.
    @penembusbatas: Hmm Cinderella ‘s marriage might just work since she’s such a goody goody. In the land of fairy tales, I think Beauty and the Beast will be going in and out of marriage counselor’s office. Don’t think he can get rid of his bad temper that easily ^^.
    @Genta: haha , that’s right .

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