Wanted: Lecturer (Information System)

Ok, I’m a little desperate, so I thought it won’t hurt if I post this here.
We need a lecturer, a good one with great personality, who can teach information system subjects, a programming whiz, and is willing to teach in English. If you know anybody or if you’re interested, please do let me know.

By the way, these are some tips on how to survive the teaching demonstration procedure in our faculty ~ compiled from watching numerous teaching demos:

1. Smile 🙂 , scary, non-smiling lecturers are not welcomed here.
2. Show us that you really know something. Most of the time, when we ask a candidate to demonstrate their teaching ability, they brought us the very outer layer basic stuffs. For instance, if the topic is on C++, he/she will choose to discuss the chapter 1 : The very introduction to C++ programming. It may be safe but does not help much in convincing the panel. We need to see if you know more than just HelloWorld.c. So pick a topic that you are really good at, and has some technical depth in it.
3. Don’t say that hard skills are not needed anymore in IT. It’s not true, we need to prepare students for their internships, so obviously hard practical skills are what we’re looking for.
4. Show some interest and show us that you actually enjoy teaching, believe it or not, so many candidates don’t look like they really enjoy teaching.
5. If I’m one of the panel and I appear tired and I start to yawn, I can assure you that I don’t make that up. I have the tendency to sleep during lectures, so yea .. do something about me. If you can spark my interest, I think you’ll make a fine lecturer – of course you’ll get my vote 🙂 !

We’ll be waiting for your application ^^ , good luck !


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