Brilliant entrepreneurial idea for Cikarang area!

Name two things that you see everyday here ! No, I don’t mean dust and factories. It’s goats and sheep! Now a couple of months ago, I found this site: . Browse through the site and you’ll find out what their business line is.
Basically they’re producing the Sheep Poo paper, logo:
sheep_poo_logo. Of course it means paper made of sheep’s poo (bahasa Indonesia: kertas dari eek domba). From the paper, they made birthday cards, I Love You cards, Christmas cards, envelopes and even air freshener( they call it poo-pourri, go figure!)!
Click on the “How it’s made” link and you’ll find the brief overview of the paper making process. The main ingredient is the freshest sheep poo possible! ha ! We have plenty here too! The reason why sheep poo can be made into paper is because their diet composed of mostly grass, hence plenty of fiber that is useful for paper making. Genius! We can save the environment by reducing tree chopping, and at the same time, help to clean up Cikarang, create new jobs, make profit out of ingredient that costs almost nothing!
Anyone interested in further sheep poo research with me? ^^


6 thoughts on “Brilliant entrepreneurial idea for Cikarang area!

  1. nebulousarion says:

    well not, but the bahan baku is quite cheap ^^. Now, who wants to put some poo in the blender with me for initial testing

  2. nebulousarion says:

    heuehehe … yea, i admit, i wasn’t voting -_-, i’m a happy golput. I promise to vote in the presidential election though

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