Pemilu, logo parpol, and all those stuff

So tomorrow is election day ! I couldn’t help being annoyed at the number of political parties joining this year’s election. 44 political parties !! 44 !! How are we suppose to choose ? I don’t really want to analyse about each party’s eligibility and how they’d fare in the political world cos I think the newspaper and blogs have repeatedly talk about those. But I’d like to analyse the logos haha ^_^. Lumayan menarik gitu pilihan design logo-logonya.

These are some of the results of my analysis:

1. Some parties chose a very retro looking logo.
pkpi pnbk pppi-300x299

and the retro-est of them all:

2. Minimalist designs

And the award for the most zen-like, minimalist logo goes toooo …
I love its simplicity.

3. The most popular design on political parties are: buffaloes (banteng), stars, and birds !

The buffaloes:

The stars:
star star1 star3
and there’s more actually…

the birds:
gerindra partai_republik_nusantara_21 pkpi1

4. And tree design made famous by Golkar is also gaining popularity.
logo_golkar partaikaryaperjuangan

There’s even a christmas tree like design:

And of course, as important as my observation is, there’s more important task for all of us to do. Vote the right party ! Happy election day ! Be nice !


8 thoughts on “Pemilu, logo parpol, and all those stuff

  1. nebulousarion says:

    @Genta: heueheh hidup golput !! logonya golput harusnya gampang ya ? kotak putih aja … simple, minimalis.
    @ galih: yea, banyak2 malah bingung. Lagian kayaknya beberapa partai is completely unheard of !
    @pong2: to remind you probably?

  2. galihpermadi says:

    bisa buat thesis nih ms,,
    election system,
    fingerprint identification..
    we could save millions of rupiahs and a bunch of trees…

  3. galihpermadi says:

    errr… within 3 month..??
    I’m afraid i couldn’t make it without being hospitalized afterward… (typhoid and caffeine overwhelmed)
    hehehe 😀

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