Fanny and Pierre’s Bears Wedding!

Yay !! Congratulations to the bride and groom !
The bride is my former student and they have been together for as long as I could remember. Good luck with the marriage, be nice to each other!
The recap : Reception was held in Mulia hotel ballroom with very interesting door prizes (cool new models of cell phones and some fruit called black berries ! ). I think these prizes made most of the guests salivating and holding to their dear coupon numbers. For me, I just wanted to be there =D.

The bride and groom:
Another awesome pictures of them:

Gideon, Filbert, myself, Niven:

Future Hubby, Gideon, Filbert, Alfred, Niven, Adit and THE BRIDE:
in case you were wondering where the groom was, he was the one taking this picture ! ^_^

Random picture #1 – The Gigantic Ice Vase

Random picture #2 – While the reception was still going on, guests helped themselves plucking out the flowers ! I know that they think the flowers will not be used anyway, but hmm … I find this a little weird. At least they could wait until the very end of the reception.

The bears cake – not edible , of course:

The bride doing the bouquet toss:

That’s all for today ! =D Congrats !!


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