Manado Travelogue !

Sorry, this post came in superrrr late. I’ve been busy with work, wedding , and my various other highly demanding activities ^^.
So, why should you visit Manado?

1. A good time to visit Manado is when you’re sick of all the mess, traffic jam, rubbish, dirt, or whatever ugly things that Jakarta could offer you (if you do live in Jakarta), or sick of the generic, industrial, scorching hot, dusty sceneries that you wake up every morning to (read: Cikarang). Two days of Manado will definitely energise you! Manado is a city surrounded by water- clear, crisp, sparkly water! Albeit still hot and rather humid, Manado is always breezy. Allowing you to nap peacefully ^^.

That’s my buddies in the hammock.

We arrived in the afternoon, and not long after the sunset came the quiet peaceful evening. Gorgeous, right?

Another hammock shot:

2. You definitely should visit Manado if you’re into snorkeling and diving. Because Bunaken is just too good to be true. No wonder the World Ocean Conference was held here.

ehh, my arm looked kinda twisted here -_-.


3. Manado redefines public transport!
Try these sampans, it’ll be an experience that you will never get in cities with dirty river like Jakarta -_-. I sound like I really hate Jakarta, but actually I don’t, Jakarta does have its own positive sides.
And of course the angkots(*) !! Ohmygawd those angkots of Manado! They’re all pimped out with flashy colorful lights and super loud sound system! Each angkot- depending on the drive- plays selections of either Manadonese pop songs, western pop songs and some even plays rock. No dangduts were heard of. Maybe in Manado people don’t go to clubs, they just hop on an angkot. Sadly, I didn’t take any pictures of the angkots =( . Oh and the cost for an angkot ride is just Rp. 2000,00. Woohoo !
Nonetheless, I found this photo of flashy Manadonese angkot from this blog.

4. A different culinary experience!
Ever imagine having fried banana with chilli sauce? In manado, they dip their pisang goreng in sambal terasi. The result, mmm… weird. Haha ^^. A must try is : Bubur Tinutuan (Manado style congee), and Nasi Kuning daun Woka (Yellow rice in Woka leaves). And if you’re into exotic food, Manado has lots to offer. While there, we sampled bats cooked in coconut milk, rats, and my friend tried snails too. Seafood is in abundance ! We tried a super yummy cockatoo fish that was grilled to perfection. Mmm….
So ya see, you don’t just get all the fun there, but you also get to eat and eat and eat …

Nasi kuning daun woka

Yummy bubur tinutuan

These array of food is just their daily breakfast meal ! Whooaaa… yummm …

And you need good companion to help you finish all the food !

5. If your best friend is getting married there, then you definitely have to go to Manado.
Yayyy !!

Side note:
Although we were surrounded with all sorts of food, my friends had developed craving of …. INDOMIE + TELOR ! Jauh-jauh ke Manado, mereka pun sibuk nyari warung. Untungnya, ketemu juga warung yang dicari. Haha.. tidak lupa makan rawon dan segala macam makanan khas pulau Jawa -_-.

(*) Cars used as public transport, kinda like bus. Usually vans are used for angkots.


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