Primacy, Recency, and 5R

Stuffs I learnt from today’s workshop:

1. When we study, 80% of the information will be gone within 24 hours. Eeeppp !!!

2. To prevent the information from running away, we need to transfer the content of our short-term memory chip into the long-term one. To do this we need to do the 5R , I think R means repetition. So the speaker at the workshop said the formula is STM + 5R = LTM.

3. What is this bloody 5R?

R1 (1st Repetition) : If we repeat what we learnt in the next 10 minutes after receiving it, we can retain it for one day.
R2 (2nd Repetition): If we repeat it one day after R1, we can retain the information for 1 week
R3 (3rd Repetition): Repeat this a week after R2 and we can retain the information for 1 month.
R4 (4th Repetition): If we repeat it 1 month after R3, we can retain the information for another 3 months.
R5 (5th Repetition) : If we repeat this 3 months after R4, we had placed the information in our long term memory.
In other words if we assume 5R as a function that copies STM into LTM , it’s better to write it 5R(STM) = LTM.

4. There is this thing called primacy effect and recency effect. Which means, students only remember what happen during the earliest portion of the class and the latest portion of the class. That explains why we remember the first boyfriend and the latest one most ! Anyway, this means, if we give 2 hours long of lectures, students will only pick the first 10 minutes and maybe the last 5 minutes 😦 , the rest get wasted. So the solution is …. a break every 30 minutes ! Therefore there will be more primacy-recency information get stored. Students will actually remember more ! Amazing, I wished some of my lecturers knew about this !

5. Another proof of the theory stated in #1 , the workshop was super long, almost 8 hours-long , yet the above 4 items are the only ones I remembered. 😉


3 thoughts on “Primacy, Recency, and 5R

  1. Pong2 says:

    Early coz masih seger, late coz seneng dah mo bubar. As the saying goes :
    Banyak belajar banyak lupa, sedikit belajar sedikit lupa. Gak belajar yah gak lupa ….. terus fail. Gampang toh ^_^

  2. Richard says:

    Err.. that’s why the students need handouts. Also, that is also why we need to take breaks. As what i normally do. Teach 10 minutes.. Then break.. Then 10 minutes, then break.. Then ten minutes.. then go home.. Wakaka.. joke2…

    But seriously, I have heard bout this before. That is why it is the student effort (more than > 80%) to make her/himself pass. -> repeat what they have learnt.. again and again..

  3. nebulousarion says:

    That’s right. Except sometimes we don’t really know, how many repetitions are needed. In case of doubt, follow 5R ^^.

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