What I did in an earthquake

I was sitting on my desk, grading final exams, when I suddenly felt a light tremor. So I thought I had a migraine or something. But then the tremor got worse, my colleague suddenly said “It’s earthquake ! Get out !”. By then students, staffs, lecturers, etc were packed in the emergency stairs struggling to get out of the building. My first instinct was to close my laptop and carried it with me. I tried to take the power adapter with me too, but in the end, I didn’t because I got scared. I took nothing else with me, no wallet, no mobile phones, nothing! Just me and my macbook!
I hope the earthquake is over for good although the news said that there’s a potential Tsunami attack around Tasikmalaya area ( probably about 300 km away from where I am). Arrghh …I hope not !


4 thoughts on “What I did in an earthquake

  1. nebulousarion says:

    I realised now that it’s not very safe to run out too. This is semester break so there weren’t too many students around just some freshmen and seniors. Imagine if this happened in the middle of the semester, the emergency stairs can be quite dangerous -_-. Someone should figured out another emergency exit route.

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