What the world needs now: Pet photographers!

Forget wedding photography, there’s too many of them out there ! As pet lovers, I know how frustrating it is to not be able to capture my furry pals in their funniest, cutest moments ! Rawrrrr !! Because by the time my pocket camera snaps, the uncontrollable furries had gone elsewhere, distracted or they could smell the flash from the camera. So I always end up with blurry images -_-.
I found out that there are photographers out there who dedicated their skills to snapping images of our furry and not so furry best friends, they just don’t exist in Indonesia yet(or maybe I never met them). Just look at these pictures, cuteness !!
Picture 67
Picture 68
Picture 70
Picture 72
Anyone interested??


5 thoughts on “What the world needs now: Pet photographers!

  1. Nellycan says:

    i’ll be one of them miss… don’t worry…
    i love pets a lot… very love…

    i agree that every moments must be captured^^;
    because they are really cute and able to delete our stressfullness…


  2. nebulousarion says:

    Yay !! You should practice your photography skill then ! What if the pet is snake or some reptiles though?
    I want to be one too, but hmm..my photography skill is not sufficient, I blame it on the camera. I think I will take great pictures if I have better camera huahahaha … ^^

  3. Nellycan says:

    i agree that..
    because i also don’t have any best quality camera.. and i trully know that i even don’t have photograph skill… hoho 😛

    i just capture my cats photos from handphone.. hahaha…. 😀

    the important things for me is the joys… hihi…

  4. Nellycan says:

    wah miss,
    i was too interesting for this topic..
    that’s why i forgot to say something important to you…

    congratulation for your marriage ya miss,
    smoga langgeng yah miss…

    ps: cepet dapet momongan ya miss hhihi ^^;

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