Indonesia is 64 years old!

and as usual, Indonesians celebrate this by having the good old competitions like cracker-eating(makan krupuk), pole climbing (panjat pinang), marble race (lomba kelereng), and such. The ritual is fun and some kids actually waited for the opportunity to compete in these silly games. I remembered swearing that I shall win the marble-race competition the following year! But of course, every year, there’ll be tougher opponents. I did win a couple of times. This morning, I helped organising this ritual in our local temple. Hmm, it brought back lots of happy childhood moments. Look at how much fun they had:
The goal here is to insert the pencil to the empty tea bottle:
Some people get really serious with this:


A variation of the usual marble-race : “pick your marbles with chopsticks”:
So yayy , happy birthday my country!! 64 and going strong! Merdeka!


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